Good Luck Spells

Good Luck Spells For Beginners

Good Luck Spells; There are occasions whenever we all need to have some really good luck happening in our life. You may create spells of good luck and fortune to assist you with having that magical day. A word of caution with utilizing these spells of good luck: the world has a balance of both good and also of misfortune. Never swallow anything that could not seem to be safe.

Good Luck Spells Without Ingredients

Take the four leaf clover and the clover in your right hand. Start thinking about positive things and just think about luck. When the moon is full then take the items that you need and place them on your table.

Place your green candle at the top of the table and after that next light it. After you light the green candle start chanting this:

Good Luck Spell Chant

Powers of the moon, hear my cry, with just a bit of gratitude in my life, let the gratitude shine with a lot of luck and all of the wonderful things that are divine, hear me, So shall it be! Whenever you wake up the following day be grateful and say thank you as the spell starts taking place. Good Luck Spells; A Good Day Spell – It is recommended that you do that between the hours of 5 – 11 am in the morning.

24-Hour Lucky Spells

Think positive about the day. Picture good luck happening and say this: Gods and Goddess of this day, help me with having a great day, ward off any spirit that could be of evil and bring me harm and only bring spirits of peace to me today. Let this day be lucky for me. So mote it be.

Conclusion – Whenever you are doing a spell always remains positive and knows that it may happen. Self-doubt may cause Good Luck Spells to go bad so always think positive.

Good Luck Spells

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