Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Spells Take To Grant Results?

The second a spell is completed it starts working on your request. How long full results take to achieve, varies enormously, since all requests are very different. Full results are rarely instant but appear within an eight to 48 hours period normally. Expect anytime after a spell has been cast, you will have full results. The average length of time a client needs to wait is 72 hours.
I have seen websites guaranteeing results within weeks; I am sorry but prolonging is stressful, you need to see results Asap.  Certainly, clients need results within a short length of time and expect nothing less.

How Soon Is It Before Your Spells Start Working?

As soon as a spell is cast, the energy your spell contains holds the outcome you want, your spell is eager to grant your wish, it works on the psychic frequency and therefore immediately sends a message to your ex or the one you love. Psychic energy has no time, instantly your ex will think about you, if you’ve not heard from them within 3 days then you know your spell isn’t working, it’s obvious. As soon as you switch your oven on your food starts to cook, but your food will not be instantly ready, love spells are similar.

What Is Your Success Rate?

95% which is high because I do not take on a case if I cannot help.

Will My Spell Fail?

If you obey my simple rules then no. My rules are (well they are occult laws):
Keep your spell a secret at all times. I am stating this before you order.
Be your normal self while waiting for results. Go about your everyday life as normal.

Will You Be Sending Me A Talisman Or Anything Through The Post? I Do Not Have Privacy To Receive Confidential Mail?

If I cast a spell for you will not receive anything through the post such as a talisman/magic charm or amulet, they are different magical techniques: Talismans are charms that hold magical power, amulets are magic items such as a lucky horseshoe or four-leafed clover. Spells hold the power themselves and I will happily supply all the information regarding your spell on Whatsapp/in an email. If you wish to order a talisman I can send it to an alternative address in plain packaging.

I Have Used A Spell Elsewhere Will This Upset Yours?

No this is not a problem ever, some websites say it is so they can charge you for a more expensive spell, but all spells aimed at the same outcome are on the same side and will work together.

Will Anything Backfire?

No, you are using a spell to achieve a positive outcome, there is no occult law that says you will have to suffer as a result. Why should anyone or anything want to make you suffer? A love spells is warm and positive, it attracts the same, positive results.

Do Love Spells Go Against A Person’s Freewill?

No, love spells work on everything, they create a situation where you and the one you love can be together in a positive way. By free will you mean choice, but your love spell will create attractive opportunities/choices and your lover will see things from the same point of view as you. He/she will not be forced, they will feel quite natural and happy about everything and the ‘choice’ they have made. However, we are all controlled to a certain extent, we cannot do exactly as we wish, and it is a fact that sometimes we cannot think straight and need someone to tell us how to operate, and what is best. Sometimes a stubborn ex-lover will refuse to try again, they are fighting their feelings, a spell to give them a nudge in the right direction isn’t wrong.

Is It Human To Manipulate Things In Our Favor?

Maybe you are destined to use a love spell to win back your ex? Perhaps fate has decided that’s how it will be for you? You cannot prove otherwise. I have reunited couples after an ex-has said “I will never return to you, I don’t want to speak to you ever again” (often much worst), well once they are reunited they are happy and making plans for their future with my client.

I Have Used Other Witches Love Spells, Can I Use Yours Too?

Yes, of course, all love spells will work together, they are targeting the same request. What is a love spell? A love spell manipulates forces present within nature to bring about the situation you desire on a romantic level, love spells operate on the principle that everything is energy and everything in the Universe is connected to everything else.

Will A Psychic Ever Be Able To Tell I Have Used Love Spells?

Mine are blocked from psychic detection, but otherwise, the answer is yes; a psychic will if they are very psychic be able to pick up on a love spell, hence mine are blocked.

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