Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells

Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells

WitchCraft Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells

Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells have been common practice in society since time immemorial. A lot of people do consult professional psychics practitioners and spell casters to help them with these spells.

However, the motive and intentions always do differ from one individual to another. People so often seek guidance as to whether if casted pregnancy miscarriage spells do have bad repercussions for the person who has ordered them.

My concern is to explain to you how to stop pregnancy curses aimed at you

Stop Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells

Rituals to stop a miscarriage:

  • 1 infant blanket
  • 2 little slips of paper
  • pencil or pencil
  • little box – a bowl of new dirt
  • pink candle,
  • blue candle,
  • green candle
  • Patchouli or cinnamon acrylic
  • Sandalwood incense
  • Soft desktop
Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells

1. First, take a ritual bath utilizing cinnamon oil or patchouli

2. Have your spell components close

3. Light of your incense and cast of your circle of your typical manner, call your quarters if needed. Take the bowl of soil and sprinkle dirt throughout of your circle.

Chants To Stop A Miscarriage Curse:

“This is the dirt from whence the wonderful Mother will provide.”

Take your infant blanket and spread it unnaturally on your altar or table and say:

‘This is the wrap that will warm my wee one”

Take your green candle and put it in the center. Take the blue candle and put it into the left of the green one. Choose the candle and put it on the right of the one.

While doing that ( Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells) say:

‘These are the candles which fire the womb.”

Take the green candle out of its holder and oil with cinnamon or patchouli and then focus on of your infant. See the essence of the baby. Watch yourself pregnant and see yourself giving birth.

Pregnancy Miscarriage Spells;

Put the green candle back on its holder. Light on the blue candle then the pink candle.

Now take both candles and use both, light on the green candle and say:

“Pink for a girl and blue for a boy – Wee one you’ll bring such joy. Fill this up womb with baby’s own life – Goddess hear my heartfelt cries. I’m strong and I’m worthy – To lead that baby on its life journey.”

Wiccan Spell To Prevent Miscarriage

Have your pen or pencil. On every slip of paper, write down your favored name for a boy and your favored name for a girl.

Fold up the papers and put them in your small box.

Set of the box in front of the green candle and let of the candle to burn all of the ways down.

You can move this into a safe burning place if need be.

Go and make passionate Love to your partner.

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