Simple Home Protection Spells Using Talismans

simple home protection spells

Discover Magic for Simple Home Protection spells

Do you have a proper safety system set up around your home to protect you and your loved ones? Putting simple home protection spells is just taking those safety measures a step further. There are spells to protect yourself from negative vibes sent your way.

You can also protect yourselves from those who put dark spells on your home’s serenity.

Simple Home Protection Spells Using A Talismans

The following spell is one of the most basic and easiest to perform among simple home protection spells.  You need to buy or make an item to display in your home to act as a talisman and charge your home with positive energy. This could be a painting, statue, ornamental plaque, wreath, dream catcher or possibly anything!

Give some thought into what you want to use. Use something that you would especially love to display and it could be anything at all, even as simple as a sea shell. This talisman will need to go up on your doorway, and will be charged with any from a range of simple home protection spells.

For this talisman, choose 3 dried herbs and any amount of special stones. These stones can preferably be Gold Pyrite, Malachite, Cat’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Amber, Flint, Beryl or Blood-stone. The advised ranges of herbs to choose from are Flax, Cumin, Cinquefoil, Black Pepper, Angelica or Broom.

Once these are collected, place a decent amount of the pair into a mortar and pestle. Grind both of the ingredients to form a smooth salt and pour the mixture into a pouch.

Simple Home  Protection Spells Using a Ritual

Next, use a permanent marker to draw 3 large X figures on it. Now reciting the following words of power onto the pouch;

  • This dwelling is never empty,
  • Though I be not at home;
  • I leave behind a talisman
  • To protect it while I roam.
  • No intruder great or small
  • May gain entry past this line;
  • Protected, sealed, and warded,
  • By my will, safety be mine
  • I finish this charm with harm to none;
  • By herb and stone, this spell is done

Once you are done reciting the simple home protection spells,sprinkle the mixture clockwise onto your ornament of choice and hang it onto the entrance of your sanctuary. Now your abode is a blessed space using simple home protection spells

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simple home protection spells


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