Powerful Reconciliation Spell To Bring Back A Lover

powerful reconciliation spell

Reconcile Your Lost Love

Not all decisions work out for us!  That’s why You Need a Powerful reconciliation spell. Some of them may make us regret of what we had that we let go!  Breaking up with a partner only to realize they were the perfect one for you, may be a decision that falls into this category.

But do not worry, all you need is some white magic and a powerful reconciliation spell to help you get back with your sweetheart. This spell can help you fix your relationship in a very short period of time.

This does seem like an impossible task, what with the broken heart, but white magic consists of powerful reconciliation spells which can be counted upon to fulfill all your heart’s desires.

powerful reconciliation spell

Candles and Powerful Reconciliation Spell

Most powerful reconciliation spell and rituals require candles. If you are relatively new to witchcraft, always make sure to consult with us about which candles or other items are most effective.

2 x Powerful Reconciliation Spell:

1.    Needle and Your Ex

For this ritual you will need a needle, a photo of your ex, a red bag and a red candle. Cast this powerful reconciliation spell on a Tuesday which has a full moon. Also make sure you have a calm and clear mind. Once you are calm, light the red candle. Next, take the picture of your ex and stick the needle in his or her forehead. While you are doing this, you need to recite the following;

“Just like you left, you will return. As you have left me, you will return to me. Leave your thoughts behind and come back with me. My love is not over, and so neither is yours.”

Next, place the photo in the red bag and keep it hidden for the following nine nights. Finally on the tenth day your ex will have shown the need to come back to you. When this has happened, get rid of the bag.

2.    Powerful Reconciliation Spell with Lemon

For this particular spell you will need a large fresh lemon, a pink piece of paper, red thread and sugar. To go forward with this powerful reconciliation spell, write your name and your ex’s on the pink piece of paper. Next, cut the fresh piece of lemon into two equal halves, and try to be as accurate as possible.

Now fold the piece of paper in such a manner that both names touch each other, then pour some sugar onto it and place the paper in between the 2 halves of lemon. Next, tie the red thread around the lemon in order to hold it together.

Now hide the lemon in your freezer while visualizing your ex returning happily to you, reliving the happiest moments together again. Now you can expect to see your ex returning into your life within a month’s time.

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While we strive to make spell-casting as simple as possible, we understand it can still be daunting. If you would rather have us cast a powerful reconciliation spell for you, order a spell service now and sit back while we cast a powerful reconciliation spell  for you with fast and  positive results.

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Powerful reconciliation spell


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