Powerful Motivation Spell

Motivation Spell

Spell to Boost Productivity and Energy

Motivation spell; Energy and productivity levels do not always comply with your daily affairs and this is a very common phenomenon.

It is a fact of life that it is quite difficult to come out of a low motivation level and there is nothing much you can expect to naturally happen to revive this. Days like Mondays just float away with you procrastinating and being distracted during work or study times. This can hurt when these times affect your future growth like reaching specific targets in your workplace or missing out on important classes.

What you didn’t know is that you can use crystals and gemstones to cast a motivation spell or ritual to induce the much-needed energy in order to boost your productivity and motivation levels. More specifically, the clear quartz stone and the hematite stone are perfect for such a motivation spell.

A Motivation Spell to Increase Productivity

In order to experience the best results, it needs to be done during the waxing moon. During other moon phases, the power of this spell may not be as magnified.

What You Need To Cast

  • A clear quartz crystal or any form of a quartz gemstone bracelet
  • A Hematite stone or a form of Hematite bracelet
  • A cauldron

How to Cast a Motivation Spell

First, you will need to place the hematite bracelet you have acquired into the cauldron and chant;

“Grounding and healing stone of magic,

Bring me clear-headedness, vision, and productivity starting this day.”

Secondly, place the clear quartz stone or bracelet into the cauldron and chant the following;

“Bring me boundless energy and zest and curiosity,

And let it last through this day, week and month.”

Motivation Spell

Moving forward with the motivation spell, when both the Hematite stone and the clear quartz together, you will continue to the chant the following;

“Stones of magic, focus, and energy,

It’s all I ask of thee,

So mote it be.”

With the motivation spell completed, you will now have to make sure the stones are in your person at all times, and especially when you think you need your proficiency, focus, energy, and productivity. Earlier when we mentioned that the stones could be in the form of a bracelet was because they are much easier to carry around and not forget.

Once you start carrying these stones around, you will feel the surge of motivation and productivity from the motivation spell that is charged on to the stones. This could also begin a few days after you have cast the spell.

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  • While we strive to make spell-casting as simple as possible, we understand it can still be troublesome.
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We come from a long line of African spiritualists who are renowned for their work. You can reach a Spiritual Healer for more powerful guidance on motivation spell.

 Motivation Spell

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