Simple Love Spell

Simple Love Spell to Stop Separation and Divorce

Circumstances of discord and separation are natural in every relationship, The simple love spell to stop separation and divorce has the potential to regain control in the relationship and stop a divorce or breakup from occurring.

This form of white magic known as a simple love spell to stop separation and divorce work in such a manner that the doubts and negativity in a relationship just fade away. It doesn’t matter how minor or extreme the circumstances are. A prerequisite for this spell to work is that love should exist in the minutest form in both the people in the relationship.

Things to Acquire For the Simple Love Spell to Stop Separation and Divorce

  • A pink candle which is thick enough to inscribe onto
  • A red candle which is again thick enough to inscribe onto
  • Wooden matches
  • Wooden toothpick
  • A piece of parchment paper
  • A pencil

How to Cast a Simple Love Spells To Stop Separation and Divorce

For this simple love spell to stop separation and divorce, you will have to inscribe your name onto the pink candle and then your wife or husband’s name onto the red candle. Once this has been done, you have to light the pink candle and the red candle in this very order, with a wooden match. As these candles burn, you will now have to concentrate and visualize on your wish to stop this separation or divorce from happening.

Once you have visualized your desires for at least half an hour, you can now take the parchment paper and draw 3 hearts on to it with the wooden pencil. Next, pick up the pink candle and carefully drop its wax on the hearts, again while you concentrate on your desires and how much love you wish to give to your partner.

Once the hearts are covered with wax, blow the candle out and do the process over with the red candle, and again be careful not to injure yourself in the procedure. Blow the red candle out once the red layer has been formed over the hearts.

Simple Love Spell

This Simple love spell to stop separation and divorce has to be repeated for a whole week using the same piece of parchment paper and candles, but you will draw three new hearts for every session. On the final day, let the two candles burn out completely and hide the parchment somewhere where no one can find it. Your simple love spell to stop separation and divorce is now cast and you can now you just have to be patient and watch your future unfold as you visualized during the spell.

Contact Us for More Information on Love Spells to Stop Separation and Divorce

We come from a long line of African spiritualists who are renowned for our work. You can reach a Spiritual Healer for more on powerful simple love spells to stop separation and divorce or guidance.


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  1. I need help getting my ex Sam back but also need to know if imwe are meant to be together. He seems to have no problem gong long periods of time without talking to me and I guess he has been seeing a different girl

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