Powerful Marriage Commitment Spell

 marriage commitment spell

Commitment Spells to Marry the One You Love

If you are dying to hear or say the magical words, “Will you marry me?” you just need a little bit of magical marriage commitment spell induced into your life. All you would need is the garment of your loved one and your own, along with two red candles and a red ribbon.

Along with these things you will have to bring about faith and devotion into your alter for the marriage commitment spell.

Marriage Commitment Spell #1

Firstly, you will need to use the two garments and red ribbons you acquired, and spray them with a mix of your perfume and your future partner’s. Once they are sprayed with enough of the mix, you will have to engrave both your names – one on each red candles – using a needle.

Now you will have to light both candles with the garments placed close enough and chant the following words;

“I light the flame of love and it will last forever.

(Your name) and (your partner’s name) will remain together,

Under the flame of love in our home”

Once these candles have burned out while you focused on your future, you will have to bury these garments in a garden or in similar vicinities. For the most effective marriage commitment spells you should look for a Friday with a full moon to perform them.

Marriage Commitment Spell #2

During this particular spell, a strong concentration is vital. In order to perform this marriage commitment spell, you will need a single glass of water, some cinnamon, and a red sheet of paper.

Once you have acquired the above-mentioned items, you will have to write your name with your beloved one’s name on the red paper. Next, you will have to draw 6 circles around these names with a pencil and this is why you need to be careful to place the names together. Once the circles have been made, make a seventh circle with your beloved one’s lipstick or your own.

Once these circles have been constructed perfectly around your names, fold this paper three times. Now go forward with this marriage commitment spell, again concentrating hard on the future you desire for with your loved one. Insert the folded paper into a glass of water and add three pieces of cinnamon into the mixture, and with each piece, repeat the following incantation;

“(Name of your beloved one),

With this spell I make you mine,

Just as you make me yours”

Once this marriage commitment spell has been completed, you will have to keep this mixture in the same glass under your bed for the following three nights in a row. Once these days have passed, you will be contacted by your loved one voluntarily for a proposal. Now you may cast your own magical words to make this day memorable.

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marriage commitment spell


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