Free Love Drawing Herbs

Free Love Drawing Herbs

One spell which is demanded the most is the love spell from magical practitioners, While there are various methods to conduct this spell, there are rituals which involve the usage of free love drawing herbs and plants. As opposed to the simple and traditional love magic, these are proven to have been used for many centuries in the same spells.

Free Love Drawing Herbs And Usage

  1. Acacia

    : The bark and twigs of this can be used to awaken stimulation and love.

  2. African violet

    : This is quite common amongst free love drawing herbs because when burnt, it induces harmony and love in its surroundings.

  3. Bay

    : Their leaves can be burnt and used quite effectively in culinary love magic.

  4. Catnip

    : This herb will drive your cats crazy but is used for inducing better luck in love and fertility.

  5. Cinnamon

    : This is a globally known aphrodisiac and is a wonderful ingredient in spells for increasing passion and sexuality.

  6. Cloves

    : These free love drawing herbs are probably the most used and is then infused with other herbs as well. Another effect of this spell is to bolster beauty.

  7. Dandelion

    : If you have love desires that you are keeping a secret, then this ingredient can make your dreams come true.

  8. Ginseng Free Love Drawing Herbs

    : This has been used in amulets in earlier times and is a herb which is particular for masculine sexuality.

  9. Jasmine

    : This particular free love drawing oils are used to ease the broken heart and help find love again.

  10. Rosemary Free Love Drawing Herbs

    : This plant is used in talismans and wreaths to protect the people you love and also in potions to awaken lost sensuality.

  11. Thyme:

    : If you want to incite love in someone by coming in their dream, these free love drawing herbs can be used in love spells.

  12. Rose

    : Another very common ingredient in love spells as they can be used as talismans in gifts like bouquets and incenses.

  13. Vanilla

    : The flowers of these plants are used to be charged with love spells and be added to food as ingredients, or perfumes and oils. 

The above list of plants should be used with caution and according to their herbal endeavors. Another factor to be very careful about is the possibility of your loved one being allergic to a particular plant or herb, or the fact that they may be unsafe for them if they are pregnant.

Caution On Free Love Drawing Spells

While using these herbs and plants, you should exercise ethical and common sense before going forward with your ritual.

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