Wiccan Full Moon Spells

Wiccan Full Moon Spells; These are simple spells everybody can cast. In the end, there’s A Full Moon Calendar every year to schedule your spell casting! Her magnetism [The moon] changes the Earth’s energies, affects the tides and affects yourself, including female menstrual cycles, for instance.

Since ancient times, witches aware of the energy make different types of celebrations on each full moon. This is an excellent time to work with intuition, love and prosperity spells. The Goddess Power is at her peak and we may draw this into our lives.

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Moon Spells For Protection

Wiccan Full Moon Spells rite to power up your instinct – This Wiccan Full Moon spell is a quite simple spell. One can cast it whenever you need to improve your life safety.

Necessary items:

1 Mugwort incense – 1 small box – Go to a calm place where you won’t be disturbed and light up the incense. Whilst it burns you might unwind and start to visualize the subjects which you’d like to foresee.

Wiccan Full Moon Spells; Money / financial security, Success Love and so much more as you may desire.

When the incense is totally burnt, take its ashes and keep them in the little box. Keep the box in a safe place and use ashes whenever you would like to improve your protection or to use your full moon spells for healing.


Full Moon Spells For Love

The Ritual of Love – Wiccan Full Moon Spells is another simple spell. One can cast it to emanate and also to receive the energy of love. Needed items: 9 pink candles – 1 rose quartz – 1 cinnamon incense – Rose essential oil – White paper and pen – Write your love wishes on the paper throughout the Full Moon night.

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Wiccan Full Moon Spells
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